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How can I remove unwanted negative review?

Hello everyone!
Hope you all are well.

I have completed a logo design order and at first the client was satisfied by seeing the design, but after delivery, he is starting to say that Fiverr is hard to him and he is not fluent at using the computer. He could not download the files I have delivered because of his lack of knowledge. I have given him a Youtube video link (in Inbox) so that he can download the files and also can accept the order but he did not do this. I have also given him Fiverr support link so that he can understand what actually have to do for downloading the source files I have given him.

I have also said him to support him and will stay with him for support but he did not understand me. And after 3days he gave me 1 star review.

As a beginner, now I cannot send buyer request. I have also knocked in Fiverr Support with the details and attached screenshots but did not get any reply.

I am really upset now for this.


There’s nothing else you can do now. fiverr support may help but I’m not very sure.

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You may be lucky with CS - but it will take a while for them to respond.

In the meantime, you should respond to the review - politely! - with your siide of the story. If you still can.


It’s embarrassing for a seller. Buyer is not expert so why seller will be the victim for this? I don’t know when Fiverr will reply to me. Just waiting​:smirk::disappointed_relieved:

  • Leaving a Buyer’s feedback is a basic prerogative of a Buyer. Feedback reviews will not be removed unless there are clear violations of our Terms of Service and/or our Community Standards.

The above is from the Terms of Service at the bottom of the Fiverr main page.


I have given him 5 star and replied him politely but I did not get any support from him that’s heart me a lot.

Thank you! I think I will get support from Fiverr and hope they will understand.

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Yeah - we all give 5* … but sometimes you just have to bite the bullet and be a bit more honest. My fallback for if I think there will be a not great review is “Thank you for your order”.

When the buyer’s review is published, a box appears on the order page underneath the review, where you can respond to it. You should respond there. If it’s still open.


I have replied there. I have written that "It’s not my fault that your are not able to download the source file I have delivered… "

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My feeling is that these kind of responses should be written in the 3rd person. Like this:

Unfortunately, this buyer has some computer literacy issues. I supplied youtube tutorials to help, but to no avail. However, all the buyers issues were out of my control. The order was delivered as requested.


It’s nice reply. I could put this in fiverr support indeed!

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I saw the review you got and it is about fiverr, not you. That person is spouting off about how he has “tens of thousands of dollars to spend” and had a business where he employed 15 designers, and “I don’t even know if I have recieved my job??” which has nothing to do with you.

I think fiverr should remove that review. The person is confused about what a review is for.


You are absolutely right. I agree with you and waiting for the reply from Fiverr.


Did you get a reply?

I came across a buyer who blackmailed me recently. Upon Fiverr’s CS advice, I went to “resolved” my own. The Fiverr CS told me:

I’ve reviewed the order in question, and I completely understand where you are coming from.
Rest assured that their behavior is being thoroughly reviewed as we speak.

I got a bad review for being honest to that buyer by the way, and he came back with threats.

There is no way to remove a bad review. Either CS will say no to your request. You can disable this account and create a new account to start from scratch or you can wait 60 days.

huh? LOL!

I do think CS don’t remove bad reviews. I’m going to appeal anyways, since they agreed with me and was supposed to be “reviewing the buyer’s behavior”.

Yes I feel same too .

Good luck brother. Hope it can be removed

The only thing he can achive if he contacts fiverr support about this is getting a warning about his account.