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How can I reply to a buyer request quickly?

I get a lot of requests. I want everyone to suggest me to reply as soon as possible so that I can reply to them as soon as possible.


If you’re talking about the buyer requests section just type reasonably fast. You could find a course on how to type faster, but you don’t need to respond really fast, just fast enough so the requests don’t get removed before you finish typing if you’re an unleveled seller. If your offer is sent later yours will probably show at the top of the list in the buyer’s screen in the default sort option if they reload the page (until someone else sends a later offer). You can only reply to a max of 10 per day. Some people do template responses but buyer’s don’t normally like those I think. You need to be specific to what is being asked.

For requests made in your inbox you can set up quick responses for common questions.


Thanks a lot Dear You give me lot of Information💖Thanks🙂

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Thanks For your best Idea shared with me :sparkling_heart::slightly_smiling_face:

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