How can I reply to reviews?


Hi, I am trying to reply to a review. I had a dishonest buyer take 90 minutes of my time on skype, then, while I was waiting for him to provide extra information to help him, he cancelled the order and left me a 1 star review, and the $60 returned to him. I am furious with his dishonesty. This has never happened to me before and has spoilt my reputation on Fiverr. Fiverr have told me they can do nothing about it either!


The buyer didn’t leave the feedback - the system automatically left it after you were late in delivering. Not making any comment on the situation, just what happened.

If you’re going to be late delivering (regardless of the reason), use the order resolution centre to ask for an extension to the gig so it doesn’t go late.

Because of the fact it’s an automatic review, sadly you can’t reply to it I’m afraid.