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How can i report a scam?


There is a gig that claims to write a 30 page e-book for $5.

Sheriff’s note: it’s not allowed to call out other users

After placing several orders and even giving the seller a positive review, I found out that all that the guy is doing is copying and pasting from free e-books on Amazon and Google Play. He almost got me in deep trouble with a copyright owner.

I have cancelled all pending orders and changed my positive review to a negative one. But, because I trusted the guy based on reviews from others, I feel a sense of responsibility to alert others about it. After all, Fiverr is run based on trust. And it seems guys like this are spoiling it for everybody.



Report this seller to Customer Support as soon as you can, provide all the evidence you have and let them take proper actions!!


Thanks, guys.

I submitted a ticket but unfortunately Fiverr has decided to let this guy continue his scam.


Unfortunately, there’s a lot of scam/illegal gigs like that on Fiverr (selling likes that violate other sites’ Terms of Service, selling fake reviews, plagiarizing, etc.).

I kind of think Fiverr is shooting themselves in the foot in terms of their own reputation and legitimacy by letting those guys run amok here.

However, my advice would be to consider gigs more critically. If it sounds outlandish or too good to be true (e.g., writing 30 pages for $4 in profit after Fiverr takes their 20% commission), it’s likely just that.


Thanks, nickih.

I think Fiverr should take more stringent measures against scam gigs. Otherwise, these fraudsters will spoil it for everyone.


My experience has been that Fiverr is very responsive when I have reported suspicious gigs or members. They won’t write to me personally to tell me what happens, but I’ve gone back later and found gigs that I reported as possibly illegal or against the TOS have disappeared, and members who seem to be using more than one account have gone away. The site is HUGE. New gigs are created every minute, old gigs are changed or deleted. And these new gigs are screened by software, not people, which of course is not as nuanced or concise. The site is always in flux. That’s why Fiverr depends on members to report questionable gigs and members to them.


I’ve been cheated like this too. I’m tired of these scammer. Their deal is too good to be true. I closed my account