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How can I report a seller who asked me to translate it?


this seller asked me to translate really quick for him and i did. He actually reduced the price and told me that its urgent. So i did his job Asap. After receiving my work he told me that i used google translator and rejected my work after receiving, which i didnt use google translator. Its really unfair. I went into his gig and read his other reviews that the buyers wrote. There were one stars, many one stars saying that they reported him but he swore at the seller back.
Fiverr, please if there are many negative reviews or people actually reporting them, then i hope you can block that person or account. Its really unfair to buyers and sellers.


So sad this happened to you! That is why I always try to check buyers before accepting a job.
You should contact support and give the username for them to check.


Always do your due diligence!


You can even prove it to CS, by sending a print screen of the source text translated in Google Translate.

However, I don’t know if you needed to translate from English to Korean, or the other way around, but if your opening post is as good as your translation in terms of grammar, then I can understand what the buyer means…


I don´t really understand who is buyer and who seller and so on from your post, but if you want fiverr to do something/block an account, posting here on the forum won´t help much, you´ll have to open a ticket with Customer Support.


Thank you so much for the link. I don’t know if this person is a seller or a buyer. because he has many gigs…unbelievable gigs. because he speaks so many languages which is impossible. i don’t care if he speaks many languages or not. i think that he received an order and he couldn’t finish it in time and he gave it to me to finish it ASAP. He just received it and rejected my work. :frowning: i’ll go to this link and solve it. Thank you again!!!


Yes. I should do that from now on. it was my fault for not looking at his gigs and reviews. :disappointed_relieved: