How can I report a seller?


I order from fragglesrock a logo recreation, and I haven’t received my job done, He only sent me a quick design but not the complete one and already past more than a week and still waiting for this seller to send me the logo. I can cancel the order because is “Complete” just because he sent me the quick design but i never approve it. This guy charge me $20 dlls.

This is the seller I want to report fragglesrock.

This seller should not be selling anything, is not professional and he doesn’t give what he advertised… Horrible experience!!

Sheriff’s note: calling out other users is not allowed in this forum, as clearly stated in Do’s & Dont’s you should have read.


Again calling out other users, whether buyer or seller, is against TOS. If you have a problem contact Customer Support. If you dissatisfied with the work you can either 1)cancel the order and have funds refunded as fiverr credit or 2)let the seller keep the funds so you can leave feedback.

Though I must ask: Did you contact the seller about this issue? There are sellers that are more than welcomed to resolve whatever issues are present with delivered gigs.


What the world.


Also please review other pages, I have just logged in today to read the forums and that same user name is all over the pages. Apparently you are not alone.


Where can i report a seller?!?!?
this is so annoying!


Hi you can report a seller to --> Customer Support


This is from one year ago, even this last post. Why this showed up now I don’t know.


Someone recently commented last April 4 looking for Customer Support so I had to reply. Hehehe


You can either communicate with your seller and try to resolve the issue through the “Resolution Center” or you can contact CUSTOMER SUPPORT