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How can I report a user?

I purchased a gig and immediately after I purchased it the seller informed me that “the work would be difficult” and asked me for another $10. I asked if I had asked anything outside of what was described and was only met with another request for $10 to complete the work. I informed him that it violated the guidelines to ask for money outside of Fiverr and received no response other than, eventually, “ok wait.” After two days the deadline passed and Fiverr auto. recommended I cancel. The seller never did reply other than "ok wait."

How can I be sure this seller doesn’t continue this scam? Why doesn’t Fiverr allow me to report a user for misconduct? This seller helped me miss a huge deadline with my business and I needed the logo - but now it is too late.

What do I do now to report?

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Sorry to hear about your unfortunate incident… Hopefully you will find the right seller the next time around.

But you can actually report the seller to Customer Support. :slight_smile:

Thank you!

The seller may not have meant more payment outside of Fiverr, but to order some of the gig extras.

What kind of gig were you buying?

While this sort of thing is annoying, this is why so many who are in the logo and creative arts type categories have in their Gigs to message them first (I am guessing this one didn’t!) so that they do NOT waste your time. This seller was obviously unprofessional in the way they handled your order and most likely, will not prosper here. If they could not do the work, they should have just said so, hit the mutual cancel button so you could move on. Instead, they ask for more money, then tell you to “wait” which had you thinking they could do your work, and put you in a tough spot when they just ignored the late delivery. Since it did get canceled due to it going late, they will get a bad review and it will impact their ability to level up as well as their overall average.

If they did ask you for money OUTSIDE of the Fiverr platform, that IS against the TOS and they should be reported. If they asked you for $10 more within Fiverr (maybe their “wait” comment was them trying to figure out how to send you a custom quote to get $10 more?) that won’t get them in trouble with the admins of the site. It is only when one tries to lead clients offsite to collect payment that things get hairy!

I would suggest that if you do try to find another logo designer, to perhaps message them first with exactly what you need them to do (also, check their ratings etc) to be sure that for $5 or whatever, they can do it. Expect some to ignore you or take forever to write back. Unfortunately, we have all kinds here and some do not take their business seriously.


Hi, did the seller ask you to make payment outside fiverr? the job you want him to do may be more than $5 that was why he asked for more.

However, we should not jump into conclusion because we have not heard the seller’s reason.


Unfortunately, scam can be seen everywhere these days. That’s why buyer should check reviews and recent activity before he place the order. But even then, great work is not guaranteed.

I am about to have unwanted experience as well.

Few more ours and I will cancel one of my orders. Although the seller has great reviews and a lot of work, I have never received any update on my order. I understand that he can be very busy, but at least 2 words update message saying that he is working, or that more time is needed. Delivery time has passed without single word from his side.

How can I know if he has some troubles with my order unless he told me…??

Does that mean that you were blocked maybe?
I think @kjblynx is right, you can contact some seller before you buy gig even now.

Maybe because of sending too many offer, somebody has reported you and now you are blocked?

You can report him. there is option of “report” in bottom right corner of every message in inbox

you can use fiverr customer support!!!

Yes, customer support have mentioned somewhere that if anybody ask for direct payments, immediately report them. But in this case, I think seller has asked for additional $10 not direct payments.

Reply to @genuineguidance: I totally agree with you, I’m a logo designer and I have similar issues once a while too where a client asks for a quite tough job that might even require me purchasing licence or rights to the tools to be used but the buyer just goes ahead to buy a $10 gig without contacting me in the inbox first (as I clearly stated).

Issues arise, that’s why I plead to fiverr to bring back the messaging feature.

Reply to @handwritten_sol: This is what I had stated earlier, I’m a seller too, even though this has never happened to me, people go through stuffs and at times are very busy that they totally forget to turn on the vacation mode.

I assume you just checked out the sellers profile and went ahead to buy the gig?

That’s why I suggest that fiverr brings back the messaging feature, because if the client felt the need to contact you via inbox, he wouldn’t be able to take the first step (I know this might not be the case with you) .

But all the same, you should contact a seller first before buying their gig.

Reply to @imagiwildinc: I can message buyers just ine as long as they either message me first or order. What messaging feature are you talking about? As long as your description says exactly what a buyer gets for the base $5 and you correspond, that should help a lot.

Reply to @kjblynx: I joined fiverr about 2 months ago, the way I got much sales was my own personal strategy which I did by marketing myself and giving specifics to buyers about their ad (I got commended a lot and I also got 95% of my deals by that) and up till the end of last month I was doing good to the point I could claim up to $1,000 a month until the feature was blocked.

I’m telling you for 5days now, I’m yet to have a new order.
The old messaging way was my haven.

Reply to @imagiwildinc: What on earth are you trying to say? What buyer ads were you responding to? You can message buyers in the following ways:

1.) You can respond to buyer requests with custom text and/or custom offers. It works fine.
2.) You can respond to a buyer in your inbox if they message you first to ask a question.
3.) If a buyer places an order with you without contacting you first, you can respond back to them to figure out any details. If they ordered incorrectly you can offer them a choice to buy extras or to receive a mutual cancellation.

You can do all of that through the Fiverr website on PC or mobile, or you can do some of that on the mobile app, although mobile is not intended to be as full-featured as the browser.

There was a temporary loophole that some sellers were using to spam buyers through the mobile app by contacting buyers with an offer. Some buyers got sales that way and others got in trouble for spam. Unless you were using that now-closed loophole, I don’t know what you mean by a change in the message feature. Are you talking about that mobile app loophole or something else?