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How can I report about fiverr customer Support?

I am totally disappointed to talk with the Fiverr customer support representative. They are not helpful with sellers. Maximum times they don’t give proper answers to solve any problem. Also, sometimes stop response.

So, I want to report it with the proof from my experience. Can someone tell me, how can I take action on it?


You can rate your experience in the email they send you after closing ticket :woman_shrugging:

What was your problem that they didn’t solve?


it’s not effect hardly. Let me know if have any other way.


No other way. Only if you ask support to escalate your matter.

However you still ignored my main question.
If support just gave you the unsweetened that you didn’t like it doesn’t mean that they didn’t solve your problem.
As I understand you got TOS violation warning?


I get Third party TOS violation warning in my gig and it was denied. I asked them multiple time to know me exact reason. I know clearly my gig don’t violate this term. After that they give me the same response again and again.
Totally disappointed to see their behavior again and again. Fiverr must need to take care about their support system.

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Really they don’t solve my problem.

What was your gig about?

They don’t give warning to just take them away later on. It’s a punishment even if you are not happy with it.


It’s about Google my business. It’s a big part of local SEO.

Yes. It’s my well-performing gig. Last time they take the same behaviour with my other well-performing gig. So, It’s a punishment.

This doesn’t say much about what you were offering.

Would you mind explaining a little more?


In my gig, I explain properly, What I do?

Are you serious? You didn’t explain anything. If your gig is removed then how we can know what was it about? You are also not helping yourself.

Ah so you had a gig and it was removed because it violated TOS, you created another one same gig and now it was removed again with TOS warning for third party violation?

Well, you are obviously breaking the rule and keep breaking it if your gig was removed already second time. And you are not explaining what service you were providing.

Of course it is punishment if you indeed broke rules and fiverr support doesn’t have to take that punishment away. It is supposed for you to learn what you are doing wrong not try to show your revenge to fiverr CS because they didn’t take their punishment away for you breaking rules.


If you can’t explain here, chances are you couldn’t explain what you were actually selling in the first place.


Maybe you don’t understand my concern. I work with fiverr form long time. I know about everything that’s you talking with me.

My concentration is I don’t break any third party TOS. Because I checked my gig 2 times via fiverr support after publish. It’s perform very good and I get lots of sale. But suddenly my gig is denied to the reason of third party TOS violation. I am confident, my gig don’t break this law and before denied when I reviewed this gig via fiverr Customer support then, they told me everything is fine in my gig. So, my question is if my gig is alright and follow all policies, then why denied my gig for this reason. Also, I asked the support team to know me the specific reason, then why every time they give me a same response. why they don’t explain?

Try to understand my concern before reply. Because I am not a new seller here.

I don’t understand what you mean?

You could check your gig was compliant with Google’s Terms of Service. Maybe they only allow people from the business themselves and the account holders to set up “my business”. Maybe they don’t want business giving their account access details to others for security reasons.


You might not be a new seller but your level of English is either poor or you just have a poor ability to explain things.

So far without you detailing exactly what your gig did, it is impossible for anyone to offer any advice.


Google offer local guide and Agency to setup anyone business in google. Google give the permission to improve their community. I have both account called local guide and agency. Also, Last night I talk with google about this issue via call. Then they ensure me I can provide this service from anywhere. It’s legal.

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I told already My gig is related Google my business. I am listing client businesses in google my business from this gig. But, yesterday this gig is denied by the reason of third party TOS Violation. After that I contact customer support and explain them, my gig follows all laws. It’s not break any third party law. Also, I asked them, if I break any laws, Please explain it.
But they don’t reactive my gig and answer properly.

You can try to get that in writing, and then provide a screenshot to Customer Support as a proof that what you’re offering is allowed.

Also, your gig would have to be carefully worded. Your niche has many problematic sellers (offering things that aren’t allowed), and if you don’t word things carefully, a misunderstanding is easy.

In other words, how you write your gig description would have to be a lot more clear than your forum posts.


I understand your your concern. Thanks for your suggestion.

I write my gig and gig description properly. after that 2 time I contact support to review my gig, they told me, it’s fine and don’t break any laws. Then I don’t understand, why my gig denied, if support confirm me this gig is fine.

Also, I don’t get any good response from support recently.