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How can I report abusive comments from a fiverr gig provider

I have received a number of abusive communications from a fiverr gig provider, threatening to kill me. How can I report this?

It is bizarre! The guy offered to show me what he could do (html/css) before I took out a gig. It was mostly ok, needed a few mods. The he sent me some communications of a religious fundamentalist nature planning to come and bring war to the UK! He wouldn’t let me take out a gig and pay him to finish the work. Bizarre!

Holy beachballs. Thou shalt not kill buyers.

Obviously the guy’s an inexperienced psychopath. Doesn’t he know to wait 'til AFTER he gets paid to kill the buyers?

Must’ve skipped that class.


I am really sorry to hear that.

Simply disregard their hurtful comments and try and get his account terminated.

People abusing the Fiverr system are surely not welcomed here!

Thanks for being and awesome buyer about discussing this! Since usually you hear it the opposite way around!

:slight_smile: Joe | 2014

Gees, I didn’t realise how dangerous this site is hehe! I’m new to fiverr and reading the forums I’m beginning to understand there are some crazy folk out there…

Reply to @celticmoon: Weird thing is he did the work and didn’t want to get paid just wanted to threaten the destruction of the UK!

Reply to @madmoo:
I am a seller, and received the same kind of fowl, threatening my life email today. I had no contact from this guy, he did not order from me. He read my gig, called me a fraud etc, etc, and said he was going to get his voodoo with to hex me so that I will die. This is not something that should be going around the sellers or buyers. Very abusive. Someone has to stop this guy!