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How can i report an user about his malpractices in fiver?

OK ,so this guy is a fraud, ********* giving a bad image about fiverr to anyone who is new this.So what does he do?Alright this is how it is.I order a wordpress customization through him and he asked me to give him the admin panels and the server admin details etc,i was thinking he will be a doing a great job.But what he did was just the opposite.He broke my website,stole my premium themes and changed my server passwords and mails and it took me a whole day with the name cheap guys to figure what he did .Also let this be a warning to anyone who is new to fiverr.So that is how he gets premium themes from anyone for reselling it.Fiverr is a great place but some bad eggs like him is destroying the image of the whole site.Admin if you are seeing this please block this guy out of this site for ever.

Here you go. Just open that link and fill in everything regarding your complaint.

I doubt admin will get to see your post here on the forum, they don’t have that much time to browse around here.