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How can I report harassing buyers?



I own a YouTube channel and due to having been attacked by a bigger YouTuber, said YouTuber’s fans have began spamming my channel and social media with hate comments. They recently started harassing me on Fiverr as well. They send me malicious messages, and I don’t see any way to report them on Fiverr. Surely, Fiverr should have a report button and investigate what their buyers are saying on their site.


Beside each message is a report button - once you’ve clicked it, you can then choose to block the user as well, although it doesn’t always work.

Try that to begin with, and then if it does carry on, please send screenshots via a CS ticket.

Hope it works out for you! :slight_smile:


Sorry to hear that. I saw your gig and you are going great. I think you should ignore them.
If 1 person keep doing this then you should contact customer support but if it’s one time thing then just ignore them.


I don’t see any report button besides every message:

How do I open a CS ticket?

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That’s because it’s not a message - they want to buy your custom order.

Please can you edit or remove you image so it doesn’t show they buyer’s details?

To open new CS ticket - just go to:


So, if a buyer wants to buy a custom order and in the custom order field they write abusive or illegal things, shouldn’t there be a report button there? There should be a report button next to each and every single means of communication between the sellers and the buyers.

There isn’t even a report button next to the order page. If the script they send me to say is against Fiverr TOS, the only thing I can do is reject the order, but I see no way of reporting an order.

Why would I want to protect the abusive buyer’s identity? They are a threat to one of your sellers. They need to be exposed. I thought that Fiverr would side with a level 2 seller who has provided quality work for over two years, not with a random abusive buyer.

A few days ago Fiverr kept under moderation a message I sent to a buyer telling him that I cannot offer services outside of Fiverr, as they had requested. They reviewed my message and approved it after 24 hours, confirming that I had not said anything against the TOS, but I received no apology from the Fiverr staff for being treated on the presumption of guilty until proven innocent. So sad to see that Fiverr only investigates when it comes to protecting their business, but they don’t care about the safety of their sellers.


Because it’s against forum rules.

I’m nothing to do with Fiverr - I’m just a buyer/seller like you. This is not customer services.


That’s not what happened. What happened is that they took a look at it and found that no rules were broken. They don’t need to send you an apology for taking a look at it.

Any time you get abusive messages send screenshots of them to customer support.

It sounds like those people have too much time on their hands.


Don’t take it personally, I’ve received those (moderation) messages before all false positives. I never once expected Fiverr to apologize, it was just a security precaution. No biggie and I moved on!


I’ve been a seller on Fiverr for years and I have had the same experience happen to me last week when a buyer provided me with their phone number.

I wasn’t expecting an apology but I’m glad Fiverr is moderating to some extent which only leaves better sellers active.

Additionally, Fiverr support is super helpful in any situation. If you’re being harassed send a message to support and they’ll surely take care of the situation.


But that’s an inefficient system. No social network has this approach. There should be a report button and fiverr staff should investigate each report. Sending a message to support should be strictly related to business-related issues and site bugs. You don’t see people sending messages to facebook or instagram or twitter or youtube support for harassment. On social media, you just flag the post and you receive a notification in under 48 hours about your report.


But as we explained, the buyer didn’t send a message - they were supposedly trying to purchase your custom gig. Under normal circumstances, an order wouldn’t need a report button, because there wouldn’t be anything to be reporting about.

Fiverr isn’t a social network, it’s a marketplace.

I hope you can get it sorted.


Fiverr is not a social network. Fiverr is a shop just like Amazon.

Isn’t reporting an harassment business related?

Either way, just like @offlinehelpers said, most orders don’t require the help of Fiverrs attention.


There is a message text editor available for every custom order where the buyer can type anything. How is that different than using fiverr’s messaging feature? Moreover, the text editor allows the buyers to add attachments. Those attachments could be anything, including illegal files. So, what you’re suggesting is that the sellers download those attachments and then forward them to fiverr via a customer support ticket? I’m sorry, but I find that counterproductive and absurd.

Most people don’t have allergies, but that didn’t stop doctors from creating anti-allergenic medication for the few people who have them.

I find it hilarious how you’re all upvoting each other’s posts while they are really not helping with the situation whatsoever.


It’s dreadful that you’ve had somebody harass you, and we all sympathize.

Have you spoken to Customer Services to report it yet? They really are the only ones who can help you, and I’m sure they’d love to hear your suggestions, but there isn’t any more that we on the forum can do to help.

I really do hope you get it sorted, because it’s not a nice thing to have done to you.


Two days ago I received custom order that I rejected. Offer was not something I would work on. Not something I am interesting in.Actually after talking back and forward, explaining all over again that I will not do it, even giving him advises where he could find such offers on fiverr, that harassing buyer offered me bigger amount of money, later on sent me offer. I did block him and reported him to customer service as I was advised
Contacting continued-I have been receiving messages from two other user names asking me to contact them on their e mail to consider offers. This time I didn’t have to block them, fiverr did automatically

I am grateful that fiverr did

I am just wondering why someone would do this and risk to be blocked? What kind of fun could that be to someone?