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How can I request a modification without hurting any feelings

My post was not getting much of attention in the Tip for Buyer field so i figured i woulf move it here.

I ordered lyrics writing from a TRS. The gig I am using is not his main gig. But it still have good feedbacks.

This is my second time order from him, last time it was good, not excellent but still acceptable. But this time it’s not really that good. Should I or should I not use the modification feature? the delivery time is over and if I don’t request, it will automatically mark itself as complete and I don’t want to pay for something I am not really satisfy with.

However requesting modification seems a little bit too harsh. I am also a seller and I know how it feels like.

Please give me some advice of how should I say in this situation.


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This is BUSINESS, there are no feelings in business, when I get a modification request, my feelings aren’t offended, I’m only annoyed that I have to work twice, but if the request is reasonable, I will do the modification, otherwise I will refund the other.

Just be polite about it! "Hi, I appreciate your hard work, but I’m requesting a modification because I don’t like this and that. I want it to be more like this and that."

See? It’s not so hard. And if you want to guarantee quality work, add the following to your sentence: "If you do a good revision, I promise I’ll give you a $5 tip."

Then if he does, honor that promise.

Reply to @fastcopywriter: Thank you so much for the great advice! I agree. I need to learn to handle these situation well :slight_smile:

Revisions and modifications are part of any complex job. Just state " thank you so much for your work. I love what you have done. Can you make these modifications? List them?"

Just ask… without being rude and you will be fine I am sure.

Yes, you should ask for a modification. Just be sure to try and communicate clearly what it is you do not like about it, and how it differs from what you asked for.

If they refuse to modify it, then you ask for a refund/cancellation.

Also, for the future, if a seller only gives you “acceptable” work, I would consider going to someone else who can give you great work.

Fiverr could sure make the process more palatable to both parties if they stopped referring to work needing modification as "Rejected"

Fiverr, your modification request description is REJECTED.

Reply to @giangpiepie: My pleasure, I’ve been both a buyer and a seller, so I know where you’re coming from.

When someone asks me for a revisions, it is literally scary.Too scary.That’s why whenever I buy something from other sellers I never ask for revision and leave 5 stars,even if I don’t like the work one bit.Afraid of karma, you see.

Anyways,I think you should follow the advise of other people here.