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How can I resend an invite?


The person I sent the invite to lost the link. How can I resend the invite? It won’t let me put in the email address again.


What kind of invite do you want to resend?


The “invite friends” referral program:


Log out of your account and then click on the link


I’m not trying to join. I’m a seller who already has an account. I’m trying to invite a friend to join and earn $5 if they buy a gig. In order for me to earn the referral fee, my friend has to click the link in the invite email.

The referral program page lists all the emails that I have referred (see first image below). One of my friends can’t find the invite email that was sent to her. I’ve tried to “resend” the invite, but it returns with an error that the email already exists (see red text on second image below).


Dear Dude:

I suggest you contact Fiverr Support and wait for their response.

They are your best resource for overcoming this particular obstacle.

They get a lot of tickets from Buyers, so it may take them a day or so to get back to you. I suggest you chill in the meantime.

The Dude Abides,


Hi, I´m not sure if you think this is the official Fiverr support, if yes, it isn´t, the poster above already gave you a link to Customer Support, but I wanted to suggest you to delete the first picture.

Hope your link/referral issue gets sorted!


Thanks miiila for the recommendation about the graphic I had posted. I went ahead and deleted it.

I finally got a response from customer support. Here’s where one can click to get one’s affiliate link. So, I can just email that link to my friend. Problem solved. Thanks everyone.