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How can I respond to a seller's feedback?


So I left negative review to a translator. But then he responded with a feedback that points the blame on to me. Here’s the review and feedback…

“A Honest Review: Communication wise, He’s very responsive and provided revisions fast. Quality wise, a lot of it seemed translated word by word. Suffers from translating legal terms. Lots of punctuation errors. Needed a lot of revisions. Recommended for simple translation but not for academic or legal translations. Get a certified professional”

“The original file had lots of issues, It was badly written, but the user does not take that into account.”

It’s quite unprofessional to point the blame to something else. I mean, the document was made by a lawyer so how can he say it had a lot of issues? Who do you think is more reliable, a certified experience lawyer or a freelancer? The problem with his translation was first, a lot of them were translated word for word, I reviewed the file for hours and realized it after a while. I asked for a friend’s help who knows Spanish and even he said that the english translation was a mess. Second, he had a lot of punctuation error. Such as misplaced period and semi colon, as well as sentences that lacked space like “mynameis”. He also had issues with translating legal terms, as I said a lot were word for word and these terms are too. He translated a lot of legal terms word by word. Such as “Poder Especial Y Procuracion Judicial” was translated to “Special Power and Judicial Procurement” while that term refers to “Special Power of Attorney(For Judicial Matters)”, “HASTA AQUIA LA MINUTA” was translated to “UP TO HERE IS THE MINUTE” while the proper translation is “END OF RECORD”. Those and so much more translation mistakes. I requested a lot of revisions… a lot and most of those were fixed by me and my friend.

So what I want to do is respond to his feedback which is obviously his way to justify his bad service. I stated that I recommend him for simple and casual translation but not with academic and legal because as it seemed, he doesn’t have the capability to do so.

I just want to respond that it’s a document written by a lawyer so how can he question it’s quality and when I was asking for revisions, he never stated anything such as it is badly written when we were talking so why just mention it after my review. I can barely understand the spanish document so I won’t know unless stated obviously.

Also worth noting that the translation wasn’t accepted because the goverment office questioned it’s legitimacy because of the bad translation so they asked for certification/signature/stamp which he didn’t provide.


Let your initial review do all the talking. It won’t do any good to respond to what the seller posted in response to the review as it will more than likely result in a lot of back and forth. Viewers of the review will be able to make out what transpired.


Reviews are for you to leave your original thoughts if you wish. If you choose not to, the seller cannot review you either.

If you review, the seller gets to leave one response with their side. That’s the end of it.


Hello, as fonthaunt said, you can’t respond to his response to your feedback. Just as you get to say what you want in your review, so does he in his response.

It is not a place to argue back and forth. You made your point so that’s it.


I don’t know how the seller do the translation but if the result was translated word by word then it was probably mostly machine translated to save time. If it’s an important document I wouldn’t pay less than a couple of bucks to translate.


This train of thought it illogical, insulting, and quite ironic.


I felt the same thing. I can’t imagine the OP’s thinking process. “Hey! I need some answers from some unreliable freelancers, let me make sure put them down in my comments while asking for help!”

To the OP, you must have not hung around with many lawyers.