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How can I return from fiverr balance to paypal?

I was paid paypal account. I still have fiverr balance. How can I return from fiverr balance to paypal account?

it will fixed automatically in few hours…sure

Hey, since you don’t have any gigs on your profile, I’m guessing that you are a buyer.

If you made a purchase with PayPal and that order was cancelled, the money is put onto your account as a credit. You can use that money on future purchases. If you want that money moved back to your PayPal account, you have to contact customer support but keep in mind that they will only do this once for you.

I have a credit from fiverr for $5 but I’m only ordering custom orders for more than that. I’ve spent nearly $100 since receiving the credit but it still sits there. How can I use it? It will expire on May 25!

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If you earn through fiverr then you can withdrawn. But if any seller refunded amount., you can’t be withdrawn. You can only use for this for purchase any gig. Thanks

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