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How can i save my account?

I have been working on fiverr for quite some time now, been doing well getting my orders, delivering in time and getting great reviews. I started an internship lately in my feld of work and i quite frankly been messsing up, my reviews are in trouble, my cancelation rate, answering rate etc…

I am trying to pick my account back up, my question to you is:
Is there anyone who went through this before? i would like to know if my account can be saved or have i been classified as a bad seller? I feel like i am not getting as many views, messages, and eventually orders eventhough i created new gigs and tried switching it up.

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You can go on vacation mode and pause your all gigs.

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@fast_editing i think i explained it wrong, i am actually done with the internship and would like to pick my account back up, not trying to stop my gigs

Best Advice : you can start promoting your gig on Social media and other platforms also learn to Fiverr Elevate and many post in this forum!!

Personally, i would like to suggest - Find job in real market - That’s good for your future career. At Fiverr- One day you’ll get order and 2 day, you’ll not get any order!!- that’s the truth!!


@fast_editing Thank you, i will try with social media and the forum.
As for a job in the market, i am still a student with 2 semesters to go into my bachelors, just had this internship in the summer as a requiremnt for my degree actually. That is why i am working freelance right now :slight_smile:

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Ok, as much as I could understand, you are trying to pick your account up again and maintain it like a regular seller. That’s great.

You know the ways, promote your gigs on social media and try your best to get orders. Send buyer requests by offering a bit more, not tooooo much, maintain the price and choose a point why they should choose you over others in your niche.

For more, check the post.

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Thanks for the link, i am reading through right now

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That’s good. Best is Learn through Fiverr Elevate and
Also you’re invited in my studio for job!

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@fast_editing Thank you for the links, i was not aware of these 2 tools.
You are very kind, what kind of work do you do?

We do Creatives Design and 3D!

i think this is a good idea but fiverr for those who haven’t any job in real market