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How can i see about buyer details(name, country) before submit an offer on buyer request?

I want to see details(name, country etc) about buyer before submit an offer in “buyer request”. Please tell me that how can i see buyer profile before submit an offer on “buyer request”. Because there have many fake request.

Advance thanks.


Unfortunately, you can only see details about the buyer after you send a custom offer. :pensive:

And you really think that the combination of name & country is enough to spot a fake request? :thinking:


No, But I think i will guess it. It’s not 100% but there have a high probability as well.

Agreed, but I’m more worried about the false positives if you’d do that - it can turn ugly and enter the discriminatory area :wink:


What do you mean by fake requests? I’ve seen a lot of sellers posting there and some ridiculously low budgets, but nothing that would be truly classified as “fake”.
(If it is the sellers thing, then wouldn’t reading about them describing their services be enough?)


Yes, that’s enough. But i think it will give advantage to submit an offer.

Honestly I can’t really see that. For a job, wouldn’t the most important part be the job and terms itself instead of the username/country of any buyer?
And I agree with Woofy31; if you could see the country of a buyer, it enters the uncomfortable area of allowing people to discriminate against buyers from certain countries.


Ok, Thanks for your advice! :smiley:

If you really want to know the username, and they have a profile image, view the image info (right click on the image in firefox), and look at the associated text.

The phone app shows the username, at least mine does.


Do you meaning “inspect element”/ view source?

No (but the full source may help you find more) but I mean just right click on the profile image if they have one, then select “view image info”, then look at the “associated text”. The “Associated Text” is the username.

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Got it. So if there have no profile image then it will not work?

Yes, the “view image info” method won’t work for those without a profile image. Though you could use Miiila’s suggestion to use the phone app which should show the username for all users.

Thanks a lot for your advice!

Fortunately, you can see a buyer profile after you get an order or you receive a massage. You need not accept any order unless it sounds safe to you.

Miila has given you the answer you were looking for, well at least hinted it.
I rarely use buyer’s request but even when I do, I also like to know about my clients before I send them an offer. I believe this is what you’re trying to achieve and yes, it does improves your chances a lot.

Now this is how I do it - Browse the buyer’s request through phone, pick the username of the job you’re interested in and type that username + fiverr on Google and it will give you the link to his profile at the top and then links to the gigs which the buyer has purchased and have reviewed. ?

I’m usually more interested with gigs the buyer has purchased previously as it gives me idea about the level of sellers he has worked with, quality of work he expects, rough idea of prices of gigs he has purchased, the seller’s review to buyer (usually I get buyer’s name which I use in sending the request).
Sometimes, client contact just to know if I’ve worked with them before when I call them but their real name :sweat_smile:

However, if are just interested in knowing the location of buyer. The easier way to know that will be through his profile which you can get to just after getting his username - enter URL -
That would be all.

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you can see profile of buyer before sending the buyer request… just right click on his/her profile picture in buyer request section and click on inspect element at the last… and then you will see some lines of code there… you have to find alt label over there eg (alt=“shah_designer”) name between the inverted commas is the name of buyer… then type in the search bar eg ( and hit enter and boom you are in buyer’s profile



so simple! you can easily check it :smiley: