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How can I see available projects in categories where I don't have a gig?

I have a couple of gigs that could have fit into a few different categories but I had to pick only one. When I look at available projects under ‘selling’ I can only see buyer requests that relate to the categories I have my gigs under.

How can I see other categories (as there may be suitable opportunities there for me)? Is it worth making a few similar gigs to get coverage across all the relevant categories? I fear this will confuse would-be buyers who find me through other means.

Well, there is no way to see requests in categories where you don’t have gigs. I don’t have a strong opinion on the worth of having more gigs for coverage. What I would say is that if you try it, take care not to be too similar with the gigs. Gig duplicates are not allowed and are regularly removed. If you want to be in other categories, you’ll need to offer something at least slightly different, although that isn’t difficult with some creative thinking.

Thanks for responding so quickly.

Am having same taught too. Just like some buyers may upload their request on creative writing section, and the only gig I have there is not related to article. Sending them the scholarship gig I have will render buyers loosing interest. I don’t know if something can be done towards that.

I understand you may take offense at this and I am going to say it anyway because I believe it’s good advice and you brought up article writing. At this point if you were to try to get article writing gigs and pass as a native English speaker in the United States, you need to get some help with your skills.

Perhaps you have someone else already helping you with that part or perhaps you’ve gotten this far another way, but your writing here in this thread does not appear to be from a native English speaker. Good luck.

I am having the same issue as well. My visual effects fall under 2 categories, both “Editing and Post Production” and “Animated Characters and Modeling” but I am restricted to browsing only the Editing requests. Very annoying, not to mention the potential gigs I am losing on since I cannot see or bid for them…