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How can i see buyer request page in mobile chrome?

Sorry you disturbed I’m new here. I’m getting a problem I can’t turn off the laptop repeatedly. That’s why I come online from Mobile Chrome again and again. ۔ I do not showing the Buyer Request page. I looked at the desktop side in Mobile. But still I didn’t see the page. I hope you will help me. I would like to know how I can see the Buyer Request page in Mobile Chrome?
I also went to settings and zoomed in and zoomed out the screen of chrome. But the Buyer Request page still didn’t show.
I checked YouTube. And also visited many websites. At this point. But no solution was found. I posted on the fiverr forum. But no one answered. no problem . I have reposted. If anyone knows the solution, please let me know. Because I can’t turn the laptop off repeatedly.



I’d suggest you to install fiverr’s app.

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It means . It has no solution. If I don’t use the app, can’t I see the Buyer Request page from Mobile Chrome in a desktop view?

Is this a web site issue? Shows in Dekstop. But did not show in mobile. Maybe it’s not Responsive. ۔ If this is an issue, then Fiverr should to consider it.

Hello Muhammad,
I faced this same problem. I searched in the Forum.
@digi_artist suggested this solution. It is working for me.
-enter to ‘buyer request’ from your computer.
-copy the URL and send it to yourself by email.
-now, on your phone, open the URL in the phone’s chrome browser.

I hope the suggestion helps you. Fiverr should address this issue and make necessary updates.


Oh my god ۔ Found Solution Thanks a lot Very easily you solved my problem
Thanks so much @anika09


Most welcome Muhammad.:blush:

Its not working bro!|236x500

Use fiveer mobile apps. It’s very good apps for fiverr Daily uses.

Same problem with me :joy:

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