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How can I see my full name on Fiverr?

I want to see my Full name on Fiverr before verify my ID. Is it possible?
Advance Thanks :slight_smile:

Don’t you already KNOW what your full name is? It sounds highly suspicious that you want to see what full name is associated with the account, before you take the steps necessary to secure it. You should already know who you are, in order to secure the account.

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There are three parts to my name. I forgot I gave two or gave three. That’s it

Your personal account details are listed in the settings section of your account.

There is no option to see the full name here

Then you will have to go with the information available to you. The whole point of verifying your ID, is to PROVE that you are the person who created the account.

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Thank you so much for giving me some of your precious time