How can I see my gig at the first page?


Please tell me How can I see my gig at the first page? It is most important for maintain customer.


So you are an SEO expert who wants to know how to reach page 1 of search results?


I will fullfil all Seo rules but i don’t find my gig at 1st page


Can’t fit a quart into a pint pot - so many gigs, so little space on the front page I’m afraid.

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Why do you think YOUR brand new gig belongs on the first page? Did you work hard to earn that placement? Are you offering a better service than sellers who have built a reputation of quality and value?

What makes you – who has absolutely no seller reviews – worthy of prime visibility within Fiverr’s search results? Earn your success. It’s not going to be given to you just because you demand it.


you’ve to work hard and get more gigs.


A small changes to your gig can help you!
Main thing here is brain storming for tags of your gig and adding most popular and simple tags to your gig (related to your service).
Also write some descriptions and try to add all tags (as words) in your description as much as you can! add same tag more than once in different sentences…works…!
add best images is addition.


Thanks to all for help me by there opinion.