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How can I see my gig in fiverr 1st page?


Hello fiverr family. I am new in fiverr. 2 weak ago I created 6 gig and I completed 3 order. But I can not see my gig in fiverr 1st page. But I need it. Have you any idea, How can I see my gig in fiverr 1st page…???
If you have any idea please share with us. It will help us. Thank you


If your average selling price and reviews is increase .so your gig will automatically rank.But remember target 2 or 3 keyword which is related to your skill and make a catchy title using these keywords and also add keyword on description or tags…This is the main Process to Rank your gig on first page
i use same method…i don’t have too much reviews but my gig is ranked on 2nd page with the short tail keyword.i hope soon i recieve more orders.i updated my gigs after 2 days