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How can I see my gig in fiverr 1st page?

Hello fiverr family. I am new in fiverr. 2 weak ago I created 6 gig and I completed 3 order. But I can not see my gig in fiverr 1st page. But I need it. Have you any idea, How can I see my gig in fiverr 1st page…???
If you have any idea please share with us. It will help us. Thank you

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If your average selling price and reviews is increase .so your gig will automatically rank.But remember target 2 or 3 keyword which is related to your skill and make a catchy title using these keywords and also add keyword on description or tags…This is the main Process to Rank your gig on first page
i use same method…i don’t have too much reviews but my gig is ranked on 2nd page with the short tail keyword.i hope soon i recieve more orders.i updated my gigs after 2 days