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How can i see my gig on fiverr mobile app?

I created a gig from my pc but i can not see by my mobile. can anyone tell me why?


Go to My Gigs and there it is.


thank you i got it. There wan a problem which is seller mode didn’t on that’s why

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You can check again on your profile.


All you need to do is make sure SELLER mode is showing active, that is the only way ur GIGS will be displayed else you’ll see ur buyer profile on the app :face_with_monocle:


Fast u will open Fiverr app and you can see a man icon on the right corner here click and you will find your all Gig

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thank you for your support

thank you for your suggestion

thank you so much for helping me

Now i am face same problems. but when i create my profile and Gig, I can see my gig in my mobile app, but now I can’t see my gig in mobile app. What can I do see my gig in mobile app?

As mentioned above a few times - on the app are you in SELLER mode? If you are in BUYER mode you will not be able to see your Gigs.