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How can i see my gigs in category pages?


I didn’t find my gigs on search pages, why?
Has any idea?please suggest me

Here is one of my gigs:



You are right. I looked under lead generation and also scanned the category you are in, market research and you are not in the first five pages, although both of these are highly competitive so you might be farther back.

How many impressions and views are you getting?

You have a buyer in your queue. How did they find you?


I’m getting 500+ impression gigs for every gig.Yes, one of has in the queue.Also, have the good review.Two of gigs has 5-star review with great comments,

But recently, my gigs two gigs have removed by Fiverr.They say "Suspicion of fraud or spam - This Gig raises suspicions of being a fraudulent service, spam or potentially violating Fiverr or a third party TOS.

I didn’t anything that related to copyright.if someone marked with spam, is it my fault?very much disappointed here.

Do you any suggestion here, How I can pass Fiverr review?



If you are selling lists of email addresses fiverr has been removing these gigs for a while now. This is promoting spam, which is illegal. I think this is what might have happened.


I’m researching lead for clients and find vailed leads.Which I was written in my gigs description.Not selling direct email.

But thank you very much for your valuable information.


You don’t provide email addresses?

If you are getting that many impressions then your gigs are listed somewhere on fiverr.


Not selling reserve email address.if clients want to research valid email address for any professional.i can find the genuine valid email.i have seen other competitor services description, all are similar to me.

Which I was written in gigs.did you get?

but fiverr has removed, last night i was edited all of my gigs.Where I have got reviewed form clients two of them removed.other all of them alive.