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How Can I See What Gigs Forum Members Are Offering?


I browse the forum and occasionally read about what work people are offering that sounds interesting to me, but when I go to their profile, I cannot find any links or mention of their work. Is there a way to see their gigs?


Usually people put link to fiverr in the forum profile portfolio but for some unknown reason some users do not do that or they are keeping their profile private (which is ridicules since all you have to do is to copy their name in search bar on main site or google search their profile photo with tag fiverr.

For me it is the worst when users do not put their Fiverr link in their profile.

This is Fiverr forum. Put your profile link. Simple.


I see. So nothing I can do, then. Shame. Talk about needing some sleep. :sweat_smile:

On a sidenote, I find it ironic that you are the first person to reply, and with such accuracy, as I checked out your profile earlier today after reading about your work in another thread. And I did see your gigs because of that. :upside_down_face:

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Well, timing is everything :smiley:

I am waiting from Britannica to give me green light to use some similar images from them in my new book. I tried to explain to them there is not a lot of option to display sea current on the globe other then putting arrows on the globe. I mean, I can change colors a little but still, on some images that are generic definitions you can not put strict copyright as they do. You did not draw first globe. And you can not CC globe as is.

You can. You just need to :point_down:t3:

If you can’t see their gigs after doing that, it probably means they don’t have any - or paused them.

  1. Because they don’t want people sending them private messages on the forum, or looking up their posts and flagging them (yes, it happens).

  2. Because it makes it more difficult for meksells to contact them on the main site and beg them for orders/advice/whatever. Way too many of them see giving advice on the forum as an invitation for spam. We’re talking about people who can’t be bothered to do their own research, and/or can’t figure out what to do with a simple yes or no question, so making the forum profile private does reduce the spam.


@catwriter Bravo! :clap:t2: I was about to comment the same thing. I have not hidden mine yet for the reasons you stated, but I have been tempted.


Or you can type “” and put the username at the end of that. It should usually work. It might not work properly when there’s someone with that username but with an underline/underlines somewhere in the username since the forum doesn’t handle underlines in usernames properly.


I forgot to emphasize new level seller users on the forum, not the “trademark” forum users.

They want orders but they make it hard for people to find them from here to there.

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