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How can I see who added my gig in to their favorites?


How can I see who added my gig in to their favorites? does Favorite for favorite works?



Guess there’s no way to do it. At least I never had any chance to find out for about 2 years.


Can I ask why? Just curious.


I think this was made this way to prevent sellers from stalking potential buyers with message like ‘yo, you like me gig? you shall probably place an order and all’


Speculating, but I think one reason might well be that Fiverr fears some sellers would contact buyers they saw faved their gigs, another basically the same reason why some people do not think that it is a good thing that one is able to see when others were last logged in and such. And, let´s say, general privacy reasons, too. Oh yes, and favorite for favorite. That reminds too much of review for review, perhaps.


There isnt a way for you to see.
Favorite for favorite? I presume you mean that people offer to favorite each other’s gigs.
Some believe favorites might be a factor in the search algorithm. I sincerely doubt that it is. It is too easy to fake for it to be of any value in the rankings. It would not make sense.

Instead of listening to people who are trying to fool the system by doing unethical things or things which are against the ToS, spend time on using the system instead. Go through the tips on the Forum, not on the Facebook groups etc. It will be much more effective and will also make sure you do not get your account banned.


I saw today my gig favorites got 2 number so I was just curious that who could be.


In addition to Eoin’s tips, you could try with Karma. When I look at other people’s gigs for whatever reason, and see nice gigs, or might even have a use for them in future, I´ll favorite them.
If all that universal laws stuff really works, I should have received a few likes myself by now probably. So I guess someone found your gigs to be nice, or might think they might need them and favorited them, so they can find them back, once they do.


thanks for advise. I’ll keep myself clean.


Hi. Just sign out from fiverr go to search, search your gig under name, click on it, and you’ll see home many people have saved it. You can’t see who saved it.