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How can i sell more on fiverr being new here?


I am new at fiverr at despite reading on how to sell more , i am yet to know how i can sell more on fiverr being new here?.


Give your best in every gig that you sell,

Promote your gig on social media,

Be consistent in your area of expertee.


@expertwriter10 i was taking a look at your profile. Your new give it some time. You write so thats a gig that is going to help you alot since it’s in big demand. Try using videos on your gig and put more gigs. welcome to fiverr and GOOD LUCK!


You can check this one out as well,




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Thanks. This will help me


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Thank you. I am new and am sure buy following your tips on videos and more gigs , i will sell more.


Firstly, you should make sure you’ve designed your profile and services correctly, including personal info, gig description, title, tags and so on. Moreover, mentions are becoming more and more popular, so try it.

And don’t forget to promote your service through Social Network Channels! It’s a really strong strategy to get more buyers.

Good luck!


Your first few sales are very important. Make sure you deliver excellence. That way, you get repeat purchases from the same buyers, and they are likely to recommend you to other buyers too. I think that’s the secrete of selling a lot on Fiverr - repeat customers.

Good luck!


Thank you for your help and suggestions, i applied what you told me to do and i have so far had 19 sales in less than 23 days. Repeat sales have worked on me and i have like 4 repeat customers. I also added more gigs and it is working.


Promote your gigs on facebook groups related to your service.



Without promoting my service, I wrote a new post today in Tips for Sellers concerning building relationships with other sellers. I have removed any promotion of my gig and included an excerpt at the foot of this post. If you can find someone to swap skills with then you can learn from them, get a decent video made and any other thrills you wish for, possibly even cross promote if your gigs allow.

“I have currently traded editing with a Fiverr worker in return for a video that will appear on my gig. …who is creating my video also offers me tips on using Fiverr. We both shall enjoy enhanced profiles as well as cross promoting services.

I’m not implying that we should all swap our work, but certainly as a noobie on Fiverr working with a level two seller who understands that an edited gig description can increase sales and is willing to help me develop, is a massive foot into the Fiverr world for me.”


You seem to be doing pretty well for a month-old account. :slight_smile: Just relax and keep doing what you’re doing, you’re fine.