How can i sell my gigs fastly


I want to know that how can I sell my gig fastly.

Thank you


you’re a marketer that doesn’t know how to market ?!?!?

Ok, first off don’t have your description be in all caps, it’s very off-putting.

  • Read everything in Fiverr Academy.
  • Send your 10 buyers requests every day to those that are looking for your services (don’t spam or send to those not looking for something you can do)
  • Market.
  • Be patient.


Thank you for your comment.I will try it.


You have to confident & experienced what you are servicing.
Speak like you are a PRO.
Try to get idea from top rated seller gigs.
Do not forget to send 10 buyer request everyday.
Share your profile social media like google plus, facebook, twitter and linkedin.
Read different forum and blog



Thank you for your comment.I will do it.


First of all fast like in 1 hour, 10 minutes or a few seconds?

Anyways… Good reading material for you! :arrow_down:


If you need fast sales then please offer quality services with super fast delivery of few hours like 2 or 3 hour delivery, but make sure if you are able to do that work in that time then you can offer super fast delivery of few hours.