How can i sell my gigs?


Hello! I am a new seller fiverr and I’m not getting any buyers and I don’t know what to do.
My social medias are not really an option so what could I do?


Have you read through the Fiverr Academy? Have you spent some time reading the Tips For Sellers forum?


Hi azizarunu,

May I ask what you’ve done so far?

One thing I’d suggest is that you create separate gigs for the different types of graphic design work you do. If I want a flyer, I’d look right past your gig in the search results because your gig is for business cards design. However, you mention within your gig that you do flyers. But I looked right past your gig because it only mentions business cards. See what I mean?

All the best to you.



I am also quite new to fiverr, but yet I believe I can give you a few tips. It is obvious that in order to sell a gig, it should be visible to buyers, this means it should get as high position in “relevant” search results for a keyword as possible. Just like Google search engine, eBay or other selling platforms, Fiverr has some algorithm to rank the gigs. And although neither I nor anyone can tell exactly how do they calculate the rank, I can suspect that the following points play some role in determining gig rank in search:

  • Your response time (the faster your respond, the better)
  • Response rate (try to keep it 100%)
  • How often you’re online (whenever you’re at computer, be logged in Fiverr account too)
  • Well written title, description, photos of your Gig (there are tons of advice here in forum, I just don’t think it’s worth copying it here as you might be already familiar with it)
  • And when you’ll sell your first Gig - perfect customer support (fast delivery, doing everything to get 5 start review)


Hi, jonbaas. Thanks for advice.


Hi, teamfemina, I did many flyers. Yes. i’ll make separate gigs.
Thanks for your advice.


HI, forbisk.
Thanks for your good advice. I’ll follow this.


Look for a series on the Fiverr blog in the next three weeks on how to find a mentor to help you sell.


Fiverr ßcademy is useless imo.


Hi. I am a low volume buyer so take that into account. I climb back from a search result with odd page numbers like: 9 7 5 3 … I look for relevant examples of work and low overlap with others. I try not to let the internal algorithms determine everything I see.

Best of luck with fiverr. It is a great resource for me and I hope for you too.


Thanks silbema , I want to tips for new seller. May be long time wait for gigs.


Hi, cnorris, I did n"t get any buyer. thank you for sharing.


teamfemina, pls, see my gigs. Submitted gigs is right?


hello, everybody advice me read the fiverr academy except you . Why?
Than you for sharing.