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How can i sell my t shirt design gig please help

how can i sell my t shirt design gig please help.i am new in fiverr 44 days but i don’t sell my gig so please help…

If you don’t know how to sell your product or service, no one can help you. build you mindset first, spend time to know your target audience, see what your competitors are doing. All these things will help you to make better decision.


tnanks sir good sujection…

Hello there @razbirbijoy. I just checked your gigs and I have to admit that I like some of your T-shirt designs, especially the one with Will Smith. However, I see that your English skills is conversational. Nothing wrong with that, but if I were you I would find someone who is able to adjust some of your content in proper English. Your conversions most likely will convert to 20% more. Here some tips:

:heavy_check_mark:You should change ‘‘Idea’’ to ‘‘Logo’’ in your Title. After all, most people are searching for T-shirt Logo and not Idea.

:heavy_check_mark: I would change your timeline (profile title) to Professional Graphic Designer & Photoshop Editor.

:heavy_check_mark: Why are you adding Keywords, Bullet Points and Upload and Sell to your product info? Better to add something more like, High-Quality Work, 100% Satisfaction, 100% Money Back Guarantee, 2d 3d Logo Print, High-Resolution 300DPI etc. These are some Bullet Points your customers want to see before reading your long description?

:heavy_check_mark: Unlimited Revisions should be not more than 2, or do you want to work for free after someone placed an order?? Never ever do that when you sell logo’s especially T-shirt Logo’s as your buyers will take advantage of it. ‘‘Nah this logo is not good enough’’ until he has dozens of them for FREE!! And soon enough can open his own T-shirt store with your FREE logo’s. I hope you get the point. I just try to help. Good luck with your Gigs! Regards, Humberto


I fail to see why people include this when Fiverr has no provisions for actually managing a refund.


None of your gigs have videos… it is 435% more effective to have a video on your gig. It will show people what you can do for them and encourage them to place orders… I made that percentage up but it is obvious that videos sell more gigs. 32.8% more actually ( I made that one up too) .

Create a video which showcases your gig so you can better promote yourself among your competition. If you can’t make one yourself, I’ve created lots of videos for peoples GIG videos and I could help you get that first sale.

Anyway, always remember that twenty sixteen percent of gigs with videos sell many orders.

Yours Truly and Slightly Crazy

Diamond Leopard


If they cancel an order, their money will go back to their account, but they can’t put it back in their credit card or…

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During your text typing, please find which word has red line under the word. just right click on it, and find the correct spelling will help you a lot in your future texts. best of luck

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very well said; impressive motivation, I appreciate!

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Hi there @wooden_fish, you have to see it from a buyers perspective, it is always good to add this as bullet point, it gives more trust to your clients when this bullet is optional. If your clients wants to have a refund when not satisfied, Fiverr will place a refund, no matter what! Fiverr prefers buyers from sellers, maybe its something you don’t want to hear, but that’s the way it is am afraid! However, if clients are satisfied with the project you’ve left them, your buyers won’t even think about placing a refund. But at least they have the 101% Money Back Guarantee option. Regards, Humberto

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fiverr is providing the trusted platform
we have to promote ourselves and get order

be sure to do this

  1. make your gig more attractive to the buyer provide all information,
  2. share your gig with your friends, few positive review will make buyer think better about you.
  3. whenever you have free time, always find ways to promote your gig
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Are you suggesting for his friends to buy his gig to leave a review?


Hi there @mashia_sa, thank you for bringing your bullets up. To be honest, I haven’t even done the sightliest 3 bullet points you referred too. Why, How, after 1 month of joining Fiverr? Reason is simple, because I rather twig and turn my gigs until I myself is 101% satisfied with all my content, and fully optimized with images and videos (which am busy creating). When I am 101% satisfied and know my Gigs are ready, I will share it to my friends, family and social media. This way I know I won’t lose to many of my Gig visitors (because to me each visitor/viewer is important). This is how I work and it always has given me awesome results!! Thank you once again for your valuable BULLETS. I hope more sellers will follow your steps. Kind regards, Humberto