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How can I sell wix, webflow and squarespace designing/redesigning services?

I want to dabble into web design and want to start selling web design services but I am not quite sure how that works. What is required from the client? Do I have to buy a domain myself first and include the money in the gig price or do they already have to buy a domain before ordering? What files do I send the client and so on. I would really appreciate if I can get a complete guide for how that works.

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In all honesty, if you don’t know how to complete a certain skill, that that skill is not a good service to offer here on Fiverr. To be successful here, you need to offer services for skills you have professional-level abilities in. Anything less could result in negative reviews and unhappy clients, which, if you gain too many, would kill your career here on Fiverr.


100% right. i agree with you…

I completely understand that but I want to learn how it is done. I will only offer this gig once I am confident in my skills. Is there anyway I can learn this?

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I searched Udemy and found courses for each of the terms you used - might be something to help you there?