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How can I send a line-art to the buyer before sending the finished work?

Hello!, I wanted to ask how to send the not finished work to the customer so that he could make his changes? I have not had orders yet, but I would like to know the details in advance. Thanks for attention.

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You send him normally, attached them to your message, just make sure to ad watermark or something that will prevent him from using your work. I usually deliberately misspell something or ad something that makes image useless but good enough for revision.


Thank you very much:)

I think your Title needs to be specific by replacing SELLER with BUYER :slight_smile:

Keep resolution low and smaller size to be safe!

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That is valid only for delivered files, within delivery. Not for the files you share in communication.

Also smaller resolution is good, but still not perfect since client can play smart and use the image, go to another seller who offer lower quality service for less money and get some work using that image. I just received snapshot of two images clearly taken from Fiverr order page asking me how much would I charge for that.


Just tried that out my self too ! My apologies !
just made edit by removing that