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How can I send a piece of writing in the order section?

I am trying to send the writing in my Deliver section and it won’t work. I am using Google Docs, so do I need to do something specific or just rewrite it in another way and send that file?

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Why would you send a Google doc file? For the user to see it, it either has to be public or you need to invite the person via email address to view, which of course isn’t allowed. Do you think a client would appreciate their work being public? You should know the privacy status of a document and what that means for sharing…

You download the Google Doc as a file and then send the file.

If you are going to use something, learn how it works and protect privacy.

Actually, this isn’t quite true. I use google docs too and you can select the option “anyone with the link can view/edit”. This doesn’t make the document public, and doesn’t require an email address invite.

Just send the link in the delivery section without an attachment, or download the doc as a PDF and send that.

I know, thanks. If anyone can view and/or edit the link it is public and not appropriate for client use. It is only private if it is password-protected.

Just because you can’t detect something via search that doesn’t mean it isn’t public.

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Password protected is another option that I’ve used before - Many of my clients send me scripts that way (they send me the link and password). While I agree google docs isn’t the BEST platform for privacy, if the client is ok with it I don’t think it’s an issue.

You can download Google Docs as PDFs (I think) and open office documents. Or you can just copy and paste text into Word.

Whatever option you choose, I would make sure to upload and deliver a document file to your buyer rather than send a link. If you don’t you risk being flagged for sending an empty delivery.

If you don’t have Microsoft Word, you might also want to consider creating a Microsoft account and using Microsoft Word online. I did used to use Google Docs myself, but too many buyers seemed to have problems opening open document formats. MS Word online is just like Google Docs and you can download files in the .docx format most people are familiar with.

Alternatively, there is a free office suite called WPS Office which you can download. As soon as you set it to save documents in .docx format, you will basically have MS Word for free on your PC, as it is near identical and fully compatible with MS Word.

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