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How can I send a second version of a delivered work?


Hi! I’d delivered to a buyer the project he ask me for, but then I realized there was a little mistake that I fixed, how can I to send it again to the buyer?

Thank you



If the order hasn’t completed you can use the ‘redeliver order’ button on the order page.


I tried it, but when the page was updated it had not been sent and now I don’t know what I can do.


??Not sure what you mean by this - I suppose you could wait until it has been sent, and then try redelivering?


Sorry, I wanted to say that when the page was uplated, there was only the version with the mistake.


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I saw your Instagram link in your profile’s description. I’m afraid that’s against the rules. Play safe and enjoy peace of mind.
(However, I don’t know if you already took permission 4 dat)


I’m sorry, I didn’t know that was again the rules. I will remove it right now.


You will find the Terms of Service (rules) at the bottom of the Fiverr main page.


If that doesn’t work or the order is already closed you can just send it in a message to the buyer.


thank you! that’s what we did


Inbox the second version througj attachment.


or just send him new version via Fiverr’s inbox


This is not recommended when the order is in Delivered State. The seller should send a message to the buyer about the error and then can redeliver, if redeliver is not possible then the seller should ask the buyer to request the revision instead of accepting the order.

The seller should communicate with the buyer. (this is the only solution).
Wait until the buyer responds.


You can deliver again if the transaction is not yet marked completed, but if it has been marked completed, then you can contact the buyer through the inbox.


Thank you very much for this information, it will be useful if I happen again.


You can use deliver again button to the order page


If the order has been recieved, it’s best if you just directly messege him and send him the corrected file.


Thank you, finally I did it that way.