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How can i send perfect buyer request?

Hello, respect everyone.
I am a new seller on this market. I didn’t know how to send a perfect buyer request. Please help me with this topic to improve and get work.


In my opinion, there’s no perfect buyer request response. You’ll have to understand what the buyer wants and how you can try your best to help him provide solutions. You need to engage more into the response instead of copying a template. Although, it’s difficult to respond to every request, but don’t you think instead of sending templates it will be much more meaningful?

First, set your mind that every request will be read by the buyer. Then address to his needs. I do the same and have found some good clients who are still happy by my service! :slight_smile: …Hope this suits to your best!


It is very important to send a reply that not only shows you understand the buyer’s needs but which also demonstrates how your skills and experience align with their job.

Therefore each response needs to be unique. The worst thing you can do is send a generic copy and paste response. This approach results in very little success.

It is much better to send two or three targeted responses daily (which will take you some time to word them correctly) than 10 generic responses.


Ciao! Spero che tu abbia risolto il tuo problema, in caso contrario posso offrirti il mio servizio che consiste proprio nella scrittura di testi. Potresti considerarlo come un investimento.

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Very informative … Thank you

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The forum is primarily English-based, please add an English translation with your reply, google translation is also a good approach. Welcome to Fiverr Community Forum :slight_smile:

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