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How can i send perfectly buyer reques?

Hello there,
I am new seller at fiverr but i have super experience of adobe Photoshop. Can you tell me please how to i send perfectly buyer reques?

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in the forum this question has been answered many times, it’s just difficult for you to read and research a little more

If you have “super experience”, as you claim, then make sure you are effectively expressing that to the buyers in the buyer request section. You are competing for jobs there. Write a better seller response than everyone else – a response that targets each individual buyer’s needs, and shows how YOU can fill those needs better than anyone else.

Sir,can you send me a sample keywords how i send a perfect buyer request?

No. You need to write your own responses to buyer requests. There is no magic answer that suddenly makes you successful. Respond to each buyer request on a personal level, and show each buyer how YOU are the right person for the job, and how YOU can solve their needs.


Can you send me sample i write when have a logo designs buyer request

No. I will not. YOU need to write your own personal responses to the buyer requests you choose to respond to. I am not going to write your seller responses for you. Respond to whatever the buyer is asking about, and show each buyer how YOU are the best person for that job. You are competing for the job. Competing means you have to do your own work.


Thank you sir.Sir if i write,
Hello there,
I have read your all details and able to do your logo design as your expected design.So,now send me order to start design and fast delivery

It’s a right way?

That is a terrible, impersonal response. Take the time to specifically address the issue. There is nothing in that example response that would make me want to hire you. What details are you responding to? How can you solve those details? Why should the buyer hire you, and not one of the dozen other sellers you are competing with?


Thank for me help me…very very thanks

You cannot have just one generic response to Buyer Requests (BRs) (which is what I feel you’re trying to do). This is because every BR is unique in terms of what the customer is looking for and how they expect you to achieve the end result. So, you need to customize your response according to what’s mentioned in each of those BRs.

Writing something like “I have read your all details” in your response will make it evident to the buyer that, in fact, you probably haven’t gone through the BR or that your communication skills are lacking.

@jonbaas has already given some excellent pointers on how to go about drafting an excellent BR response. Re-read what he has written, and hopefully, you will gain a better understanding of how to write a better BR response.


Thanks for your response . Sir can tell me what do i need points for buyer request ?

You have already been told what to do. Now, take the time and do it.


Ohh.ok sir,You are very very thank you for help to me.

Check this out:

Enjoy the forum. :slightly_smiling_face:

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