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How can I send Proposal at fiverr buyer

Hi, my name is Yousuf and I’m SEO Specialist. Due to several reason I did not give more time at fiverr. but from now i want to give full effort at fiverr. That is why i want to send my proposal to relevant buyer.

Since i did not give more time at fiverr. So I’m unable to know how to send proposal to buyer. Can you help me please ?

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There is an option above called “Selling” Click there and Choose “Buyer Requests”. This is the Place or Section where you can send proposal/Request to buyers.

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On the selling tab, there is a option called “Buyer Request”. Click on the Buyer Request and you will find lot of requests are there sent by buyers. You just read the descriptions of the job very well. Once you feel that you can do that job, send the buyer a proposal request along with your price and duration. Remember, you will get chance to send only 10 buyers request in one day. In this method, you can directly contact to your buyer.

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you should click on selling and then you will buyer request click on it and a lot of req comes in front of you screen

Thank you so much dear friend. This is really helpful for me

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Question answered.