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How can i send winning buyer request ? to get the order?

how can i send winning buyer request ? to get the order ? please help me


I don’t think there’s a single pattern that guarantees getting a job, the tips I’ll share with you though are:

  1. Send offers on jobs you are confident you can deliver and have probably worked on something similar before, because that confidence can show off in the text you craft for your pitch.
  2. Make a unique pitch for every request and just be real with what you have to offer, people can sense when you’re being real or just sending off pre written messages
  3. If you have done a similar job as the request, you can increase your chances of getting the job by sharing a link to it or just adding that you’ve done jobs like that in the past
  4. Keep your pitch nice and short but yet compelling

That’s all I can think of and I personally use these tips. I hope it helps. Cheers! :+1:


i am looking for some examples how you sent offer in sophisticated way .

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Notice how in the second pitch I gave the buyer a bit of information about my team? that will make him more confident that I am a professional (You don’t have to make up stuff though, I actually do have a team #Lol). But you get the idea, there are little bits of information you can add to your pitch to project you as a professional and up your chances of landing the contract, just get creative with it. But don’t forget to keep it simple.


yes that’s the perfect answer …thanks a lot [talk2francis]
but i think it would me more accurate if any graphic designer comments here in your lovely style.