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How can i sent my mail address


my buyer told me to give him a email so that he can share his images,now what can i do?


Decline - they can be sent through the Fiverr messaging service without any problems.

Always keep your communication on Fiverr! :slightly_smiling_face:


Try wetransfer :slight_smile: (20 char)


How can they sent me???can i want his mail?


How???i have no idea about this.please let me clear


“Terms of Service reminder: Providing email, Skype, or phone number is only allowed if it is needed as part of the service. Otherwise, all communication must go through Fiverr.”

So if you have to share your e-mail, just write like this yourname at e-mail dot com


instragram or twetter allow?


to be safe , use only fiverr app to communicate. other are illegal.


He wants my mail for sent me images.but i was afraid to sent my email.


any social media address doesn’t allow


can i sent him my mail???


Yes, if you want your account closed. :wink:

Your buyer does NOT need your email address.


He can upload images to Dropbox and share that. Using email for sharing images isn’t really a good solution to begin with.


can i want his mail?


No! You do it through Fiverr messaging.

You don’t need his email, he doesn’t need yours.


You can send or receive files via wetransfer. If you want to send files, go
to and upload your files. When uploading finish, you will
have a download link. Copy that link.

If you receive files, write your customes that upload files to wetransfer.
And get a download link from him.



Dear Atiaferdous,

Ask your buyer to send the images through fiver.

when you typing any text you can see bottom right hand corner there is a attachment button from that can attached images… upto 10 images can be attached at once.

if there is more images can zip it and attach.

or can upload it on any file sharing sites such as google drive, drop box and send then link through fiver.

There is many ways to share files on fiverr … then why they need your mail ID ?


You can use Dropbox or Google drive to receive any file. Tell your client to sent this images or any file via Dropbox or Google Drive.


Like the terms of service state: e-mail “is only allowed if it is needed as part of the service.”

Personally, I think your buyer should simple attach the images on Fiverr, or used drop box, or put them in a website where you can get it.

I also think you should create a second or third e-mail account for situations where you want to maintain your confidentiality.


Why i create 2nd or 3rd email?