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How can I set a custom notification sound for fiverr app from an iphone?

I am trying to set a custom notification sound from an iPhone for the fiverr app. But I am unable to do. Because there was no option for it. Fiverr has a notification sound option for android users but they don’t have the similar option for the ios users.

I have tried to change notification sound from the setting of the iPhone but that wasn’t working as well.

Can anyone help me with this?

You can use pushover although it’s not free.
(In combination with IFTTT which is free)

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My solution was not to have any of my other notification sounds be the same as the Fiverr notification sound. I have an iPhone.


I can’t even change the current sound for the fiverr.

One of the few iPhones’ limitation i guess; Android is very flexible device

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