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How can I set my custom offer as a virtual assistant?

The buyer wants to hire me as a full-time virtual assistant for a month. The job is email handling, data entry, taking notes, managing calendars. I’m a new seller. I have 3 completed orders on that particular gig. His budget is around $200. He prefers to work from 9 am to 5 pm EST. But also giving me a chance for my hours’ work. So, now what should I say to him? I mean, how many hours of work I have to confirm him?
Please help me urgently.


Do the math.

9 to 5 is generally considered a 40 hour work week. This is about 160 hours for a one-month period.

$200 for one month is $50 a week, is $10 a day, is $1.25 an hour.


Thank you very much…

Brother try here for more job,and growth your account then you can earn more then $200 in one month. If you earn daily $10 then its $300 a month. Try to improved your account.

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Thank You brother for your advice.

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