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How can I share my gig on social media?

How can I share my gig on social media sites and also share on the various blogs, forums. How?


just copy the gig url and paste it simple

can also share from share option.


Don’t listen to people who say posting on social media gets sales because it doesn’t.

Social media can only help you if your following is also your target audience for your goal, you are sharing helpful insights and not just posting your gig repeatedly.


Thanks, But how many gigs Links share on social media?

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just your link share in Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn and other site


better you share your link in linkedin it will be very helpful also it will improve your impressions as well

Thanks for your valuable comments.

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The fact that you are asking this question tells me you don’t know enough about social media selling to do this effectively.

You need to learn social media marketing from experts, not from people in the forum because most of them don’t understand it and just parrot myths.



Then how do I increase my sales? :pensive: can you tell me please.

The irony…

I learned by reading and I didn’t learn my craft to give it away to people who aren’t interested in doing the work to research.

It’s not something I could explain in a single post, anyway, and I don’t coach people for free.

I have made tons of posts on how to do this and you haven’t bothered to read any of them.

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It would be better for you and for your account if you read some useful articles of experts. Start to paste your gigs on social media apps will not lead you to the orders but yes it can increase your views, somehow nothing is done if you are not done experimentally, Collect your own experience and then share with community.

just copy shareabole link and paste social media

Everything depends on you but it is better to share on social media sites.

Share your gig on popular social media with an attractive title. thanks

Agree with you. :heart_eyes:

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