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How can i share my previous works as a sample on my gig

I see few sellers on Fiver having some of the work they done for other customers appear as a sample on their Gig including the buyers rating and feedback.

I’m just wondering how to do that?
can i do it after i already got the order closed and the buyer gave me rating or it should be done before?! where should i click to get that feature on?!

btw i’m level 1 seller

You’ll have to turn on the gallery setting (which you can find as an option next to each gig on your Settings > Gigs page). With that turned on, buyers can CHOOSE to allow their delivered work to show up in your gig gallery. If they choose not to allow it, their work will not show up as samples in your gallery.

Previously delivered work will not show up in your gallery, as the feature was likely turned off at the time those orders were delivered, and the buyer did not have the choice to allow it in your gallery.


Thanks mate, appreciate your quick response and help.
Can voiceovers and videosynced VO show as samples on gigs or is it only galleries/images?!

Generally, you would want to create a gig video, and in that video you would feature audio samples of your voice over work. :wink:

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You should deliver at least one image with your delivery that will come automatically in your sample. If you are sending multiple images then last images will come on your sample.


smart one.

thanks jonbaas. :slight_smile:

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You’re welcome. :slight_smile:

I have writing gig i had delivered my 8 orders. My live portfolio is active. But not are showing on my gig why??? helpp