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How can i show more than three photos?


Hi guys, i was wondering how i can upload more than three photos.
I’d like to show more works for my gig, like creating a portfolio of my drawings or something… is that possible?
( hope i choose the right category for the question )


You could use a gig video or possibly put them in a .PDF. The video would probably be best.
edit: though you’ve already done that in a video. Another option is multiple pictures within one image.


I agree.

  • Pick out a decent video template from Envato Elements
  • Look up someone who has After Effects
  • Give them your paintings and they will put together a nice video collage

You can probably get it done under $50. A lot of AE specialists already have unlimited subscription to Envato Elements so $50 should be doable.


Thank you. I’ve already upload a video and multiple image in one photo. I will try with the pdf :slight_smile:


If you’ve got PowerPoint or MS Movie Maker you can do a slideshow video yourself.

as it seems you’ve done already! :slightly_smiling_face:


Good idea! Thank you! i will try :slight_smile:


yeah but i just upload a video process of one work. Maybe it’s better to show more drawings


I think you can do like a combo video. Speed up the drawing and finish it off with slideshow.
I think right now that video is sort of missing the wow factor.

I think I said it before somewhere that there’s no question that you have talent, but you might need to hire someone to do the selling part.

Also you might wish to productize your work somehow. You’re doing great work, it’s unique, the price is super low but I just don’t see where I would use it. X-mas card? Sure, but it’s too late now. I guess if I saw your gig at the right time I might have purchased it.

Book illustrations? Maybe?
Do you have a portfolio outside of Fiverr and have you done any kind of social media promotions?
I think for you Pinterest & instagram would work.

It’s all about presenting your work to the right audience.
I’m actually surprised that you don’t have any orders yet. So I guess it’s something to do with the selling & promoting :slight_smile:


According to the Seller Help Center, you can upload a total of 2 PDFs (in addition to the 3 gig images) with unlimited pages, so that might be not too bad an option.

Oh, and there’s a list of allowed URLs in the FAQs:


thanks so much for the tips about the video. I will definitely try to do.
And like you said, i think the same. I have some problem with the selling and promoting.

Recently i opened an instagram account of my works. Maybe i have to promote the fiver gig on the page.
Anyway thanks a lot for the tips :slight_smile:


I will use the PDF option soon :slight_smile:


Hi elle,
i showed 9 portraits using 1 pdf.
there are two pdf files option you will be able to use.
Happy fiverring :slight_smile:


thank you! :slight_smile: