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How can I show my gig in search result?

I’m new seller in fiverr marketplace. I have created 3gigs in the month of March. When I search using tags, filter options, I didn’t get my gig in search result. What’s the problem, anybody help me?

I am also facing this problem in one of my gig.Please tell us why is this happening?

The search algorithm uses many factors to rank search results, and as you’re a new seller you will get boosts to help you get started! It really is just a matter of time, I know it can be frustrating, and there is an element of luck involved for sure, but keep an eye on the top gigs in your field and (don’t copy), see what they’re doing right on their gig page, and try to improve yours :slight_smile:

You will eventually get gigs, good luck!

Try to get some job from buyer request section . Get some good reviews and your gig will be up on gig search.

Thanks for your nice tips. Problem is that, in buyer request section - I didn’t get buyer post of programming and tech related but there has lots of post who want to get job.

I have already updated my gigs but I didn’t get positive result yet.

I suggest adding more content to your gig descriptions and optimising the descriptions. Additional, you should use up all the picture, pdf and video space that fiverr allows on your gigs. Anyways you should have patience, most of your stuffs are under “new arrival”.

Thanks for your valuable tips. I will try to maintain as per your suggestions.

There are always job posting.

Yes some silly people keep posting their service advertisement over there

Hello, Fiverr search result working dynamically this is not a static some time show your gig and some time show others seller gig :slight_smile:

Gigs may be removed from fiverr Search feature due to poor performance or user misconduct. also third party content match in your gig description. Sometimes gig doesn’t appear in search result without reason. so you should at first contact customer support. hope they will help you… thanks