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How can i show my sample video work to buyer?


I am a video editor. I want to add a link when I send buyer request to the buyer that will shows my sample video work. how can I do that?


You can add a YouTube link - find out more here:


can I use youtube URL to my buyer request letter?


Yes, you can! :sunny:


Hello Sir,How are you i am faceing same problem i doing youtube intro and outro service on fiverr but buyer want sample of my so please guide me any plate form where i share video on my work and buyer see all…


Put your samples on YouTube, and you can add your video/playlist/channel link on your profile or gig if you want. :slightly_smiling_face:


if youtube channel is link with adsence is it create problem


No idea I’m afraid - I don’t have adsense on the channel I use for Fiverr.

You could always ask CS for further help?


hm… ok bro i think its so much helpful for me… if i will create account on youtube for show my work sample then is this i easily use in my account gig or description my service is intro and outro


brother what is CS? and if i will add my intro and outro work on youtube and place link in my gig description is it create problem or not… adsence is not i am using with this channel


Should be fine.

I’m a girl BTW! :woman: