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How can i solve below issue?

My Gigs impression increase day by day. But rate of click is decreasing. How can i increase rate of click?

Gig Impresson increase: Then you have right tag.
Click decrease: then you failed to attract viewer to click your gig thumbnail when it’s appears on their browser.
So you need to have a better gig thumbnail as click bait.


Make attractive previews and do SMM

Sir, can you check my gig?
If you do, please tell me about lackings of my gig.

very useful information for beginners thank you

Use you Preview image attractive and set SEO.

Hi there…,

It seems that yoou didn’t read and learn the fiverr tutorial.
I advice every new seller to learn the seller tutorial first…, there are lots of tips you can get.
Right now…, your overall page is not attractive…, and only has two gigs?
Doesn’t look like a serious professional seller to me…,

and your service mention, doesn’t provide psd but canva link?
This is very very bad. No wonder people don’t want to use your services.
As professional designer, Adobe Photoshop is mandatory…,
If you don’t have photoshop, better not to mention source files at all.

GIG thumbnail: So messy…,
Your text got blended with the background.

Overall review:
Based on what i see…, you need to improve your skill and design sense greatly before could compete with other professional designer,

Wish you luck.

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useful information thank you

Thank you. Very useful info for new sellers like us.

Thank for your advice :heart:
I am going to redesign my gig.