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How can i solve it?

hi everyone
i am in buyer came and demanded 4 logos but i gave him 30+ logos and he didn,t response my order and order completed automatically by fiverr. he complained me without any reason and now i can,t withdraw my payment.
what should i do in this situation?
thank you

sorry about that trouble
you can also massage to fiverr customer support and say to them everything about that trouble,if you can get screenshots and send those shots.
They’ll help to solve your problem as soon as possible

"Speaks: English, Chinese, Arabic, Bengali, Gujarati, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Javanese, Persian, Polish, Urdu"
I am amazed that you can speak that many languages… or are you working with a team?

Anyway, I don’t understand why you gave 30+ logos and he only asked for 4? And if it’s “already automatically marked as complete by Fiverr”, then after 14 days… you will be able to withdraw that money. Has 14 days passed or perhaps you’re experiencing a glitch in the system… or maybe something else? Try asking Customer Support about it.

Another point I’d like to mention… I saw one of your reviews, it seems that you gave the buyer a logo of something is already trademarked… That is completely against Fiverr’s terms of service (if the statement of the buyer is true).

This usually happens when a buyer files a complaint. Try and solve this issue with your buyer. Once when you do, you can send the screenshots over to support and ask them to reactivate your withdrawal status again. Make sure to communicate with the buyer and ask him what there is you can do to solve this issue. Best of luck!

thank you