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How can I solve Negative feedback?

Buyer changes his description several times and he was confused about his order . He misguides me. He changes his text, color and design several times . But as a new seller I deliver him all the modification. Finally he give me 3.3 star rating and for this I can not send any buyer request . How can I do?


There’s no way to change the review, unless it violates the TOS, which I’m assuming it didn’t.

You just have to wait for some more orders, and do your best on those too so that you can increase your rating. Good luck!


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It happens.

As stated above, when you receive more positive reviews from future completed jobs, the 3.3 won’t matter anymore as your average will climb.

It just takes time.


Why do you want to change someone’s honest reviews ? Its his call…
Buyer can review as they want and as per their experience…

If it works how you want, every one will only keep positive reviews and remove all negative or even below 5 stars…! So leave it behind and move one for many more 5s !


Thanks you so much :+1:


It was my second order . First order review was 5 star.

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I appreciate you . but it was not my problem . Buyer was confused what he wants. He changes his description, theme ,text and color several times . Finally I told him to give me actual description then he response something negative . After that I send him more modifications . But bad luck . I do not want 5 star review from him but I want to know how to send buyer request which is blocked for negative rating . Thanks.

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I understand ! Reviews is buyer’s privilege and they can use it as they want !

About blocked buyer request, I don’t know if fiverr blocks seller from sending request after getting 3 start !

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I get 3 orders and my review is now 4.7 star . I want everyone’s blessing . Thanks to all for your valuable comments.