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How can I solve this without affecting my rating?

I receive orders with full description and files to design flyers and I do my part of work and deliver it… The customer then changes his mind about the colors that “he picked”, the photos “he asked” to be used and asks to be replaced by others or change the details and dates. This is very annoying because I hate to change things that the customer specifically asked for. They usually take a day or two to request a revision and another two days to accept the delivery or ask for more changes. That’s too much delay for the payment.
I don’t mind changing things that I did wrong or customer didn’t like but I really hate people who change their mind about the submitted information like they are experimenting.

How can I solve this without affecting my rating?

You could ask for extra money, in light of the fact that you provided the service according to their wishes and that your revision policy doesn’t cover the change of mind. They’ll either be reasonable (you can soften this up with a “discount” as the bulk of the work is done), or turn out to be a PITA. If they turn out to be a PITA, then you reach out to Customer Support.

That said, you do offer one revision, which I imagine this would fall under, and so you might just be better off biting the bullet.

I used to offer 3 revisions and now I changed it.

What I usually do myself is, make desired changes or add new features that were not part of original deal. If costumer know how to value that, they will give you a tip after job is done and most likely ask you first about anything considering their next project. If they however only look to take most out of order and your good will, and keep asking for more extra stuff you’ll know that they’re not worth of your time and don’t work with them in the future. This works for me, as most people who ordered from me use to come back, because of service I provided. So it’s up to you how to handle it, but in my opinion it’s worth to go that extra mile and provide best service possible. It almost always pays off.

Sometime the buyer does ‘experiment’ and it can be really irritating. If his choices don’t add up to his expectations, he may want to try some other colors, texture, combinations, etc. This is regular occurrence in the graphics/design niche and best bet is to create and layer your files such that you can quickly & easily apply such changes. You just have to accept such buyer tendency and perhaps adjust your prices to accommodate same. Lastly, use such moments to impress and exceed buyer expectations with your creativity. Avoid getting angry and you’ll probably get good tip for all the troubles.

I just hope there is a way to prevent those kind of buyers from ordering again but that’s not possible. I always go the extra mile but sometimes I feel like being used and I find it embarrassing to say no or ask for extra money.

That’s something you’ll have to figure it out yourself, but no one can force you to work for them. Just tell them that after that gig you won’t work for them anymore, and if they’re persistent for whatever reason just report messages and they will be unable to contact you again.

As a newbie, I do not get irritated even if buyer asks for 100 revisions, I cannot. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: